Saturday, January 15, 2011

Flowering tea - crafted green tea

Flowering tea

For very long time I did not make flowering tea.
In this long weekend Saturday morning, I woke up early and treated me with this beauty.

Light, pale, a tender romance crawled and diffused all over the room.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Kusmi tea Chocolat-Epices

Kusmi tea Chocolat Epices
The noir de Chine aromatise chocolat et epices

Spicy Chocolate
Black China tea with scents of chocolate and spices

Saturday afternoon, time to fool around. A cup of chocolate scented tea with a piece of Godiva chocolate makes it almost perfection.

The tea does not have strong chocolate aroma, it is very much hidden. A more pronounced is the spice of cinnamon and clove. For some reason, it always connect me to the mysterious imagination of Russian winter.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Tea - Nil Rouge

Tea - Nil Rouge

Friday night, time to relax, rewind, and relive. Time to sip a good tea and do nothing. Here comes the Nil Rouge.

I remember when I visited Egypt, we had a famous saying: "Let's have 5 minutes Egyptian time."

茉莉香片 Jamsmin tea

Jamsmin tea

This is the middle of night. Actually early morning 4am. I am baking for Galette des rois. There was the wonderful baking aroma from kitchen warming up a winter night.

A cup of tea will add the wonder of the cozy night despite the chill outside. Home, baking aroma and tea fragrance. That is home!

I opt for some light tea, real tea, not tisane. There comes the very refined jasmine tea. 茉莉香片。

In a a tiny 雀舌喷香壶,优雅无比。Elegant.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

煎茶 Kusmi Genmai Cha

煎茶 Kusmi Genmai Cha

A very light colored green tea. The roasted rice brings a hint of touching and comfy fragrance. Almost no taste, very elegant.

The Tea is from Paris. The cup is from a student, as well as the chocolate.
I am wrapped with the love and charming of the people who care about me.

Black currant dream tissane

Black currant dream tissane

Here is an intense flavor combination of blackcurrants, bilberries, elderberries, passion fruit, orange peels, papaya and raisins. Rich and delicious hot or iced.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Osmanthus Wulong Tea

Though light amber in color, Osmanthus wulong tea is strong in strength. Bitter, pure, clear, no artificial sweetness. True fragrance of pure tea. A very pale hint of osmanthus flower flows the sweetness of autumn harvest when pouring in the boiling water.

Good for cutting grease.